Chelsea NYC | Pleating through the cold in Zaful

We are well into 2017 and so much has changed, updates to come in a later post! In the latter part of 2016, I spent a couple days in December visiting friends in New York City. I had not been to the city for four years and from the moment I landed, it was pure magic. The weather, the people, the buildings & the food; it was almost as if I had never left. I hear the city does that to ya though, takes you in as you are, wholly and shows you everything you want to see if your eyes are open wide enough.
New York City Zaful floral sweater velvet green midi skirt Noyemi's notes green pleated velvet skirt black floral sweater

Alright I’ll stop trying to convince you about the wonders of the city and let the pictures speak for themselves. I paired my favorite floral sweater from Zaful with this green pleated midi and it was comfortable and pulled together while remaining on trend for the season, because pleats AND velvet scream major 2016 trends. This floral sweater was begging to be worn with a bold colored piece and you know I’m a sucker for skirts (midi ones at that) so what better way to compliment the outfit than to pair this bad boy with one of my faaaaavorite styles. Shall i also mention that this Gucci bag was probably the best thing that happened to me in 2016? lol joking, I moved, changed careers and proved independence is my greatest strength (that & shopping)! Back to the handbag though, the color, the shape, the quality and versatility prove my beloved Gucci to be the best purchase of 2016. Promise me you won’t tire of it being styled 100 different ways because as much as I love luxury, a girls gotta make sure her investments are worth every penny!Noyemis notes zaful floral sweater green velvet skirt Noyemis notes zaful floral sweater green velvet skirt NYC fall look

Noyemis notes zaful floral sweater green velvet skirt fall look

Outfit details:  Sweater | Zaful, Skirt | Zaful, Booties (old), Bag | Gucci

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  1. You are a true inspiration✨ Thank you for sharing your artistic style and great adventures✨
    Much Love💕

    Cat & Jules

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