How to Dress for a Job Interview in the Creative Space

Pink blazer interview look
How to dress for a creative interview

How to dress for the job you want can be challenging especially if you’re switching careers. Most recently, I’ve gone back to school and am no longer applying to jobs in the same field I was working in for the past 2 years which threw me for a LOOP when preparing interview outfits. My old office “uniform” was simple, tailored long sleeved blouses, trousers & a ballet flat. Easy enough right? Except I didn’t want to slap on a blazer and call it a day when I was interviewing for more creative jobs. Jobs in which were trend driven in the design space and more aligned with my career goals. I needed a creative professional look, which brings me to the motivation behind this post. I pulled together 3 different outfits to showcase your creative personality all while looking professional enough to make a lasting first (or third) impression!

Pink blazer and blue satin pants
Pink blazer and navy handbag layered necklaces
how to dress for the job you want
navy classic bag with pink gap mules

Pink & Blue: The pink blazer (similar here) and blue satin pants are my best examples of how to express your love of color (in this case, PINK) while remaining profesh. I love the length of this blazer as I find that I feel my personal best at an interview when my “assets” are fairly covered. The navy wide legged pants & handbag balance the pink making this look a solid interview option. Feel free to play with one standout color and use a neutral such as navy or black to ground the look.

pleated culottes and black blazer
Black blazer and navy pants via spiga heels
creative interview look mixing black and navy
how to dress for an interview

Black & Navy: I wore this exact outfit to an interview a little over a month ago & loved it as a first impression look! The pleated pants with velvet waist add a special touch to an otherwise boring black blazer look. Though hard to tell the pants are actually a navy blue and nothing excites me more than a GOOD navy & black pairing! I paired it back to my favorite Topshop blazer & white sleeveless blouse. Also loved adding a textural element with the handbag choice, I’m a sucker for caned rattan everything right now. Pro tip, I often opt for a lower heel especially during interviews because I can’t gracefully walk in anything taller than a 2”. If you’re in the same boat as me in the sensible shoe game, don’t try and rock 4” stilettos to impress an interviewer if you’re not confident in your high heeled strut ;)

Pink floral dress interview look
Floral dress and black blazer job interview

Pink Florals & Black: Last but not least, a pink printed floral dress with black ankle strap block heels. I loved this look for a second, third or fourth interview. After you’ve done the more muted interview outfit, you can pair your blazer back to a fun & modest dress to switch things up a bit! I of course chose a pink floral frock (is anyone surprised?) and added two black pieces to anchor the look, the blazer and heels. You can pink almost any midi dress from your closet and add a blazer to recreate this. I’d love to know your thoughts on my take on creative interview looks. Leave me a comment below of any suggestions or ideas you might have when it comes to dressing for the job you want!

Pink florals and black pumps pink handbag
Pink handbag and floral dress creative job interview look

Photographer Chelsea Brinkhaus @Chelseabrinkhausphoto

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