3 Tips on How to Layer Jewelry Like a Pro

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The art of layering jewelry was once too intimidating to take part in but after a few tries, I’m certain there’s no going back for me! I love necklaces, rings AND earrings so the more really is the merrier over here (i’m pretty minimal when it comes to bracelets). I view jewelry as the easiest way to add the finishing touches to an outfit & after reading some of my tips below I hope you do too!

Start with necklaces

The easiest way to participate in the layered jewelry trend is to start by layering your necklaces. Make sure to use necklaces that have different chain weights, this helps avoid a tangled mess AND adds unique interest in the overall look. I also always layer based on the top I’m wearing; If its a crewneck, I make sure to have a 16” or an 18” long chain in order to give length and visually break up my outfit while adding dimension (see examples below)! Think of layered necklaces like a subtle cascade, the overall length will be determined by the longest necklace.

Mix your rings

I have a love affair with dainty rings and while they’re my staple jewelry pieces (I’ve had most since 2011) I’ve slowly added in larger more substantial rings into my collection to make a statement. To balance out a larger ring, one that takes ample real estate on your finger (hah!), stack delicate rings on your other fingers. A pave eternity band and a knot ring pair beautifully when stacked (example in the image below).

About the Earrings

When wearing a statement earring feel free to compliment the look by adding delicate huggie hoop earrings or studs. Layered earrings can be a fun added element to a simple tshirt & denim look and pair back so well with layered necklaces!

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Henri Bendel rings argento vivo ring
layered gold rings and a green linen skirt
layered necklaces for the office
How to Layer rings from madewell argento vivo and henri bendel
atlantic pacific x halogen plaid blazer & layered scarf and jewelry
layered rings for summer
layered rings and a zara plaid coat
layered gold dainty rings and a marc jacobs crossbody
layered necklaces gorjana and martha calvo
white blouse martha calvo necklace and armenian nameplate necklace
Photography by  @chelseabrinkhausphoto

Photography by @chelseabrinkhausphoto

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