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I’m a sucker for candles. So much so that I have them scattered around my home and typically light a few every evening as I’m winding down for the night. In order to help keep them in tip top shape I’ve learned a few tips n tricks in my candle burning years!

Trim the wick: Ideal wick length is 1/4”. Just make sure none of the trimmings end up in the wax, it’ll lead to an uneven burn & hissing sounds once lit. This trimmer is brass and very on trend!

Burn: The first burn is VERY important. Through trial and error I’ve learned that the first burn should last for at least 2 hours or until an even layer of wax has been melted (this depends on the size of the candle). This will ensure that every burn after the first will be even and you won’t have a pooling-of-wax-only-in-the-center effect or tunneling.

Don’t over-burn: Candles should not be lit for more than 4 hours at a time and typically safe to keep that number at once a day. Trust me, I’ve let candles burn for longer and from that point on I would always get a mushroom type effect on the wick due to carbon deposits which then leads to soot and black smoke. You get the gist, right?

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